Pipe Supports

Torgy Group for over 50 years is a leading supplier of pipe supports to the oil & gas (On-shore & Off shore), petrochemical, Power sectors, in accordance with international design codes including

  • ASME B31.3 Process piping
  • MSS-SP-58 & MSS-SP-69
  • BS3974 Parts I, II & III (as a guide)
  • NORSOK Standards

Torgy specialization

Torgy also design and supply project specific pipe supports to customers own design parameters and requirements, complying with international codes and standards.

Torgy specialized in supplying extensive range of pipe supports including,

  • Thermal Insulated Pipe supports (Cryogenic PUF & High temperature)
  • Clamped and welded Pipe Shoes
  • Hanging Supports
  • Line Stop
  • Acoustic supports & Anti Vibration Supports
  • Slide Bearings
  • U-Bolts and Pipe Clamps
  • Welded & Bolted Line Guides

Torgy Insulated supports Cryogenic PUF or high temperature supports, are used on pipe work to maintain the process temperature with minimal loss of the process energy.

Torgy experience

Torgy with over many decades of molding experience for the world’s Oil & Gas projects has a state of the art PUF design and moulding facility. We Utilize state of the art CNC Controlled PUF dispensing technology, 3D finite element analysis and Innovative moulding Technology, to provide our clients with a competitive premium quality product.

Torgy manufacture all pipe supports from a wide range of materials including Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, alloy steels and Titanium, supplied to project painting specification as well with the Galvanised finish.

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