Our Services

Torgy runs each customer project through our project management, which brings together a cross-functional team of people from engineering, production, procurement and quality. This is to make certain we have a complete understanding of expectations, and requirements before manufacturing takes place.

The goal is to serve our clients with cost effective solutions meeting all requirements and with a high quality of the finished product.

We deliver a complete service range from Engineering, Welding, Metal Sheet Work, Cutting, Surface Treatment and final Inspection.

Torgy is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 and we manufacture products in three key locations; Latvia, UK and India.


Torgy has a team of skilled and experienced welders with a high level of certifications. The welding team has a long history of welding based on client specifications and we continuously strive to improve quality and efficiency in our work.

Torgy offers ISO certified welding for a wide array of steel grades and we are proud to say that we are qualified for specialist welding such as Titanium, 6MO, Duplex (all grades), 316 Stainless and carbon steel.

Metal sheet work

Bending, rolling and forming of steel has been a part of Torgy’s history since it was established in 1954. Mass production of pipe clamps for the Norwegian shipbuilding industry started in the 1970’s and has ever since been an important part of our services. Our workshops has machinery allowing us to process everything from thin metal sheets to thicker plates of many different qualities.

Surface treatment

Torgy delivers robust and high-quality solutions, which includes the right surface treatment of products. We offer different types of surface treatment, each with unique properties.

  • For materials such as stainless steel, Aluminum oxide blasting is an excellent option, which results in a uniform surface with a very appealing appearance. This process allows us to handle work pieces that are up to 6m long, up to 5m wide and up to 3m height.
  • Correct pickling restores the protective oxide coating on the metal. We pickle work pieces that are up to 2m long, up to 2m wide and up to 2m height.
  • For materials such as carbon steel we offer grit blasting. The process allows us to handle work pieces that are up to 6m long, up to 5m wide and up to 3m height.
  • We offer HDG surface treatment, in cooperation with our sub-supplier.

All mentioned surface treatment procedures have careful attention to detail and finish and are under Frosio inspector supervision.


Torgy offers two different types of cutting; Laser cutting and Water Jet cutting. Raw materials are either selected from our own extensive stock of high quality materials, or sourced from local and international key suppliers according to each projects special requirements.

The majority of our cutting operations is performed with Laser for one reason  –  QUALITY. Laser cutting offers high precision results, reduction of metal deformation, speed and efficiency, economical use of raw materials at a moderate cost. Laser cutting is optimal for thickness up to 25mm.

Plasma cutting, also refered to as Hydroabrasive cutting, allows cutting of heavy duty materials up to 100mm thicknesses.

Water Jet cutting is chosen where we need to avoid and eliminate slag deformation and dross waste. It is an incredibly versatile method of cutting and is often the preferred option when the material is sensitive to temperatures.

Engineering & Project Management

Torgy is happy to assist with project management, engineering, design, load calculations and other design challenges for clients and projects. Our long experience and solutions oriented team will do our best to Support you.


Great pride is taken across all teams and locations in the Torgy family in ensuring the delivery of high quality products and services. PMI testing, 3D measuring, Scanning with Handy Probes and highly qualified workers are all part of the quality chain and we are happy to assist anywhere necessary.

VT/MT/PT and FROSIO Level II and III qualified operators are available through the manufacturing processes and goods are not released from our site before passed the Quality team and their assessment.

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